MacWorld keynote chat – Part 1

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Yesterday was a big event in the Mac world.
Every year now Steve Jobs gives the keynote address at MacWorld Expo in San Fransisco.
He almost always introduces new hardware and software, and this year was no exception.

I won’t bore you with details about the new MiniMac, ShufflePod, iLife ’05 etc, as that’s being covered in detail on all the Mac sites.
What was cool was how a bunch of people got sucked into a chat, and contributed to tell everyone what was going on in the keynote.

I was sitting at first on several web pages, but they all eventually died under the load of everyone refreshing every 3 minutes.
The MacRumors site mentioned an IRC channel, so I hopped on that.
Now IRC was designed for sending text from one person to many others, so it held up just fine under the load.

As a bit of a surprise, we got a random internet person show up (“bo2“), who was on another AIM chat and feeding stuff from that.
It was a long chat, so you have to click to read it..

12:15:20 [Reid] Hey there.. Applause! Woo!
12:16:28 [Justin] yes, my colleague next to me is watching MacNN and I’ve got on. Any other good places to follow?
12:16:37 [Laura] hiya
12:16:42 [Reid] I’m on
12:16:46 [Reid] Hi Laura!
12:16:46 [Laura] just going to macnn now
12:16:49 [Mark] MacDailyNews – Macworld San Francisco 2005 Live Coverage – Welcome Home
12:17:01 [Reid] Alas, I got a server error from that site just now. 403! :-/
12:17:13 [Reid] Ah, all better now
12:17:32 [Reid] Hey, he’s using HDTV. Hmmm..
12:17:41 [Reid] Hi Iain!
12:17:41 [Iain] hello?
12:17:45 [Iain] Hi Reid
12:17:50 [Iain] yahoooo!
12:18:16 [Reid] We have two places to “watch”:MacDailyNews – Macworld San Francisco 2005 Live Coverage – Welcome
12:18:43 [Reid] Hm, my newlines got obliviated there..
12:19:59 [Reid] Hm, who was that?
12:20:21 [Reid] I guess this is a pretty obvious chat room name, so we might get random people popping by.
12:20:26 [Mark] heh
12:20:59 [Justin] what *is* the chat room name? how does one find out in iChat?
12:21:20 [Mark] View-> chat options
12:21:36 [Laura] macworldkeynote, yeah, that’ll do it!
12:21:37 [Justin] Ahhh. thank you.
12:22:30 [Reid] You can create arbitrary chat rooms via “File->Go to chat…” of course [just f.y.i. in case]
12:22:47 [Reid] Hm, should have used the unicode right-arrow character there. πŸ™‚
12:22:55 [Iain] ya
12:22:57 [Iain] πŸ™‚
12:23:33 [Justin] much of iChat is still unknown to me, so any helpful info is helpful πŸ™‚
12:24:27 [Reid] Hi there bo2.danmark..
12:24:35 [bo2] hi there
12:24:42 [Reid] [I got Laura to click ‘accept’ on Peter’s machine btw.]
12:24:48 [bo2] scanning iChat for keynote feeds..
12:25:23 [Reid] We’re watching two feeds at the moment..
12:25:31 [Reid] is pretty good so far
12:25:41 [Reid] a bit sluggish
12:25:57 [Laura] I haven’t been able to get in that one (macdailynews)
12:26:22 [Iain]
12:26:46 [Reid] heh heh,Apple Store is closed.
12:27:04 [bo2] all feeds are sloooow…
12:27:05 [bo2] πŸ™
12:27:07 [Reid] testing font. it got small for some reason..
12:27:15 [Laura] I’ve also got
12:27:23 [bo2]
12:28:05 [Reid] appleinsider is taking for..ever to load. :-/
12:28:10 [Mark] all of which seem a bit on the overloaded side…
12:28:15 [Reid] ah, and just as I hit enter there it goes.
12:28:19 [Iain]
12:31:24 [Justin] appleinsider has almost exactly the same reporting as macnn (right down to spelling Regent Street wrong)
12:32:30 [Reid] Not word-for-word, though.
12:33:06 [Reid] Oooh, QuickTime 7. You know anything about QT7 Justin?
12:33:09 [Justin] no. and of course they’re both reporting a common source, so that could explain a few of the similarities πŸ™‚
12:33:15 [Justin] just read about it on macnn!!
12:33:15 [Reid] They say it has “H.264”
12:33:27 [Justin] yes, but that was announced last year at WWDC or something
12:33:36 [Reid] .. which is “basis of next-generation DVDs”
12:33:42 [Reid] Hm, big font. oops.
12:33:44 [Justin] unfortunately I haven’t actually worked with QuickTime in the past two years πŸ™ πŸ™
12:33:50 [Reid] bummer
12:33:52 [Justin] calm now.
12:33:52 [Mark] That’s the fast codec that as Justin said was mentioned at last year’s WWDC
12:35:51 [Reid] I guess 98% of QuickTime downloads being for Windows makes sense — Macs ship with QT already installed.
12:36:21 [Justin] quite so. It just means that people with old Macs don’t bother updating QuickTime… or that people with old Macs update the whole OS all at once.
12:37:33 [Reid] .. or people with old Macs go and buy new ones. πŸ™‚
12:37:39 [Laura] I wish!!
12:38:34 [Reid] Thatchaosmint page still hasn’t loaded for me.
12:38:50 [Justin] it’s not all that interesting. point-form stuff.
12:39:00 [Justin] most recent: “cell phone up to HD – everyone climbing on board”
12:39:00 [Reid] Woo.. dashboard
12:39:04 [Justin] “covering dashboard now”
12:39:07 [Reid] heh
12:39:23 [Reid] Hey we can just paste updates in here..
12:39:28 [Justin] I think macnn is best coverage (and best resistance to overloading)
12:39:43 [Reid] Hm, iChat didn’t let me paste. Too big.
12:39:58 [Reid] Ya, so far so good
12:40:08 [bo2] join chat “keynote” for ok feed
12:40:51 [Reid] ..checking it out. Not opening very quickly..
12:42:01 [Laura] iChat: improved. Up to 10 simultaneous people for audio conference. Using H.264, multiparty video conferencing–up to four people. Jobs offers demos.
12:42:04 [Reid] ya
12:42:07 [Reid] woo
12:42:56 [bo2] A 3rd user joins…
Phill schiller is on ichat, window expands for 2nd user..
12:43:09 [bo2] sends phil away quickly as usual
12:43:27 [bo2] now talking about HD video
Announcing Final Cut Express
12:43:41 [bo2] Ò€’ Tiger: on track for delivery in first half of this year. “Long before Longhorn.” [9:26 PT]
12:44:02 [Laura] of course, that’s not hard to do…
12:44:10 [bo2] πŸ™‚
12:44:22 [bo2] so-long-horn
12:44:46 [Reid] iLife
12:44:47 [bo2] iLife is up..
12:45:03 [Reid] I’m actually on IRC on the #macrumors channel.
12:45:20 [Reid] ~#macrumors~<maradong> everything is being updated
~#macrumors~<maradong> staring with iPhoto
12:45:26 [Justin] (you guys are now ahead of macnn and have become my new primary feed πŸ™‚
12:45:32 [Reid] heh
12:46:27 [Reid] better organisation, multi-albums, added calendar to ID time/date
12:46:42 [Reid] iPhoto supports Movies? MPEG4 format
12:46:44 [Justin] about time for multi-albums (iPhoto I presume)! yay.
12:47:00 [Reid] ..and RAW
12:47:04 [bo2] iPhoto – better organizing and searching, more formats, better editing, new books and designs, more folder options, calendar view, MPEG4 movie support
12:47:10 [Reid] [I am copy-pasting from the IRC channel]
12:47:19 [Justin] very good, thank you
12:48:02 [Justin] appleinsider is way behind, but has the extra tidbit that QT 7 is actually QT 6.6 renamed
12:48:19 [Reid] demoing…
12:48:47 [Reid] 25,000 photos in his iPhoto…
12:48:52 [Reid] lot of options to choose from
12:49:14 [bo2] iphoto moreÒ€¦Editingstill see the thumbnails across the top, while editing a photo. Added an editing Dashboard. Balck and white pointsbrightness, exposuer, histogram, saturation, tint, straighten. Works on any photo type.
12:49:33 [Reid] it’s a lot easier to make books
12:50:00 [Reid] [Now i they would just get rid of the disk-eating, brain-dead design!]
12:50:01 [Justin] all very nice. I wonder if the new iPhoto will be out only with Tiger or earlier for Panther?
12:50:13 [Reid] much better way to organise & find photos
12:50:39 [bo2] example of new supported format – MPG4 video
12:50:53 [Reid] Final Cut Express [from macnn page]
12:50:55 [bo2] does that mean… that…
12:51:18 [bo2] iPod photo sync… or?
12:51:45 [bo2] no :-X
12:51:53 [Reid] I thought iPod already sync’ed with iPhoto?
12:51:59 [bo2] right
12:52:12 [Reid] Not that I have a photo iPod to check or anything..
12:52:13 [Justin] syncs the iPhoto library using iTunes, actually
12:52:13 [Reid] πŸ™‚
12:52:25 [bo2] what about the new MPEG4 support for iPhoto?????
12:52:31 [Reid] Hm, the #macrumors channel has gone silent..
12:52:43 [Reid] iPhoto seems to be crossing over into iMovie’s domain.
12:52:45 [Jeff] Wow, the kids are all here!
12:52:54 [bo2] and iPod??????
12:52:55 [Reid] They should just merge the two into iMedia. πŸ™‚
12:52:55 [Justin] is an Important Event
12:52:56 [Reid] Hey Jeff!
12:53:23 [Reid] hey Ray!
12:53:32 [Ray] hey!
12:53:41 [Reid] How did you guys find this chat?
12:53:48 [Jeff] New iPhoto book formats!!! Just what I’ve been waiting for…
12:53:51 [Reid] Oh wait, I’ll bet someone invited you
12:53:52 [Ray] someone in the office told me.
12:53:58 [Reid] heheh
12:54:02 [Reid] Ya, who needs new hardware?
12:54:14 [Jeff] Mark told me…
12:55:48 [Reid] Hm, how long until we get to hardware i wonder..
12:56:11 [Reid] iPhoto Demo is finished
12:56:12 [Ray] next keynote
12:56:20 [Jeff] Steve’s pissed about the leaks so he’s decided not to let us have the hardware πŸ˜‰
12:56:25 [Reid] nyuck
12:56:43 [Jeff] “No capes!”
12:56:56 [Reid] ?
12:57:08 [Reid] #still talking about iPhoto new features
12:57:12 [Jeff] Edna from Incredibles…
12:57:18 [Reid] I will prefix IRC stuff with “#”
12:57:22 [Reid] Hah, right!
12:57:29 [Reid] #Added softcover book option
12:58:18 [Reid] # there are new book sizes; $9.99 for pocketbook size
12:58:33 [Reid] #iMovie
12:58:50 [Reid] # more transitions & effects
12:58:56 [Justin] macnn seems to have given up being realtime, no updates in 12 minutes
12:59:22 [Reid] # HD in
12:59:42 [Reid] When I first saw “Final Cut HD”, I thought it was “Final Cut Hard Disk”
12:59:49 [bo2] magic iMovie – select transitions on import from camcorder
12:59:57 [Reid] # 720p; demo
13:00:26 [Reid] # “simplest video editor in the world now edits HD video”
13:00:55 [Reid] I guess 720p is “harder” than 1024i?
13:04:20 [bo2] Sony president comes on stage
13:04:54 [bo2] Talsk about apple-sony relationship
Apple have cooperated with sony since the 3.5″ floppy.
13:05:40 [bo2] Someone in crowd yells “iPods Rule”
13:05:44 [Reid] [sorry, had to duck out for a couple of minutes there]
13:05:58 [bo2] Steve is filming the sony president from the side of the stage while he gives a talk
13:06:27 [Ray] where are you getting your updates?
13:06:31 [Reid] # the year of HD video capture…; talking about HDTV camcorders; president of SOny coming in…; steve jobs still uses the camera, filming everything; this is the year of HD @ home
13:06:34 [Reid] IRC
13:06:51 [bo2] ichat goup “keynote”
13:07:00 [Reid] I can’t join that group for some reason
13:07:07 [bo2] strange
13:07:28 [Ray] from macmerc: 01:05 PM – Spotted on stage, small metallic box with Apple logo…
13:07:34 [Justin] neither can I. maybe it’s just dropping requests because of overloading?
13:08:06 [bo2] could be
13:08:17 [bo2] i’ll copy paste
13:08:22 [Justin] thanks πŸ™‚
13:09:00 [bo2] Steve: Apple will support blue-ray?
sony guy gone
13:09:15 [Reid] # iDVD
13:09:37 [Reid] # iDVD … one step DVD cretion
13:09:43 [Justin] macnn has given up the ghost (“The server made a boo boo. (403)” for last few minutes)
13:09:43 [Reid] [that was so useful]
13:09:56 [bo2] macnn: The server made a boo boo. (403)
13:09:56 [Reid] I saw that once before Justin — just reload
13:10:01 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:10:04 [bo2] there out
13:10:09 [bo2] they’re
13:10:13 [Reid] heh
13:10:35 [Justin] yes, but now has been replying boo boo consistently for past 3-4 minutes
13:10:37 [Reid] # demoing, with applause; _R, +R, -RW et +RW supported
13:10:51 [bo2] iDVD … one step DVD cretion
13:10:54 [Reid] # for burning, obviously
13:11:15 [Reid] Hey, you copy-pasted my text, complete with typo! πŸ™‚
13:11:24 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:11:27 [Reid] # another demo
13:11:35 [bo2] came from “keynote” group
13:11:40 [bo2] funny
13:11:48 [Reid] I would assume someone there is copying from the same IRC chat.
13:11:53 [Reid] It’s the #macrumors chat
13:12:13 [bo2] kellyosx is the guy in there
13:12:27 [bo2] full motion menus with your phtos movies and music
13:12:39 [bo2] Nice transitions.
13:13:08 [bo2] drag and droop features for creating your themes
13:13:09 [Reid] # finished iDVD. applause
13:13:32 [Reid] # garageband
13:13:33 [Reid] Woo!
13:13:41 [bo2] finished iDVD. applause says kellyosx
13:13:45 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:14:29 [Reid] kellyosx is a little bhind..
13:14:33 [Reid] er behind
13:14:43 [bo2] “best piano we’ve ever shipped”
13:14:45 [bo2] yep
13:15:00 [bo2] new jam packs
multitrack simultaneous recording added
13:15:11 [bo2] recorded tracks now as flexible as loops
vocal transformer
13:15:13 [Reid] oooh, now you’re ahead
13:15:18 [Reid] # John Mayer makes a demo
13:15:25 [bo2] 2 sorces in there
13:15:38 [bo2] John Mayer comes on stage to demo
says kelly
13:15:39 [Reid] Ya, my IRC doesn’t say anything about tracks flexibility
13:15:48 [bo2] track recording, real time music notation, vocal transformer
8 track*
13:15:53 [Peter] thank goodness it isn’t John Tesh
13:16:05 [Reid] Looks like I will be upgrading. Just have to get a keyboard now..
13:16:06 [Reid] hah!
13:16:13 [bo2] shows notation
13:16:13 [Reid] “Garageband Tonight!”
13:16:19 [Reid] # “realtime notation”
13:16:23 [Laura] oooh
13:16:25 [bo2] pitch and time fixing,
crowd impressed with the demo by john mayer
13:16:27 [Peter] I feel ill
13:16:39 [Peter] Laura is very happy
13:16:46 [Reid] # it’s possible to make loops oneself
13:16:47 [Laura] yeah, we dropped a bundle on Performer aawhile ago
13:17:13 [Reid] Introducing a new Jam Pack called Jam Pack 4, Symphony Orchestra.
13:17:18 [bo2] Its transcribing as he plays!
13:17:27 [Reid] (that was from
13:17:38 [Reid] (might be a more full version of previous mentionings)
13:17:50 [bo2] guess so
13:18:04 [bo2] guitar, bass, voice all being recorded in realtime…
13:18:11 [Reid] Hm, hope they don’t quote “8 track” in the press. Could be misinterpreted. (“It’s coming back!!”)
13:18:23 [bo2] yeah
13:18:37 [Mark] hah
13:18:50 [Reid] Okay, is definitely toast.
13:18:53 [Reid] ah well
13:18:57 [bo2] or misspell it… attrack
13:19:00 [Reid] heh
13:19:11 [Reid] http://appleinsider.comis still going strong
13:19:32 [Justin] yes, strong but slow. This chat is best!
13:19:33 [Reid] IRC is being quiet. Guess they’re entranced by the demo
13:19:36 [Reid] heh
13:19:37 [bo2] Introducing a new Jam Pack called Jam Pack 4, Symphony Orchestra
Steve jobs stands in middle of stage pulls out his penis and pees all over the crowd
13:19:40 [Reid] we rule!
13:19:47 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:19:59 [bo2] says kellosx
13:20:01 [Reid] hahahaha.. iPee
13:20:13 [Justin] macnn is back!
13:20:13 [Reid] # there are unknown icons in steve’s dock πŸ™‚
13:20:33 [Reid] Hah, MacNN deleted the old stuff
13:20:39 [bo2] yep
13:20:48 [Reid] # finished garageband
13:21:31 [Reid] [Copied from] GarageBand has been updated with realtime music notation, 8 track recording, pit & timing fixing, and more
13:21:41 [Laura] macobserver just crapped out on me
13:21:44 [bo2] apps all work together, so iLife 05 like getting more than 5 apps
13:21:49 [Reid] # still free on new Macs; next big thing; iWork; YES
13:21:51 [bo2] still free on new Macs
13:22:01 [Reid] So iWork is real
13:22:03 [Reid] hm
13:22:10 [bo2] so not on my new iMac G5 20″
13:22:22 [bo2] iWorks!!!!!
13:22:28 [bo2] (not iWork)
13:22:35 [Peter] no whining, ti’s cheap enough
13:22:38 [bo2] says kellyosx
13:22:42 [Reid] IRC says iWork
13:22:43 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:22:48 [Reid] the dilemma of the spelling!
13:22:55 [Justin] iWorks is more plausible
13:23:20 [bo2] Successor to apple works
13:23:32 [bo2] Ò€’ iLife ’05 works seamlessly together. Priced at $79 on January 22
13:23:40 [Reid] Hm,MacObserver has to be manually reloaded
13:23:54 [bo2] 10 new themes in keynot
new presentation styles – new transitions, animated text
Keynote 2
13:24:01 [Peter] it’s still automatic on mine
13:24:13 [bo2] successor to appleworks, takes avantage of osx and ilife. built from the ground up, features keynote 2, animated text, animated builds
13:24:18 [Reid] [From MacNN] iLife ’05 works seamlessly together. Priced at $79 on January 22
13:24:30 [Reid] .. didn’t see the price mentioned elsewhere
13:24:31 [bo2] you’re behind
13:24:33 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:24:35 [Reid] heh
13:24:40 [Reid] IRC is again silent
13:24:50 [bo2] kiosk mode, Steve had been using keynote 2 all along
13:24:55 [Peter] but what do you need to run it?
13:24:57 [bo2] animation built in – fully automated
13:25:11 [Reid] # Pages; second application in the suite
13:25:17 [bo2] watercolor
13:25:23 [Peter] no!
13:25:27 [bo2] flash output
13:25:31 [Peter] oooh
13:25:32 [Reid] flash output
13:25:34 [Reid] rats
13:25:37 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:25:37 [Reid] πŸ™‚
13:25:51 [Reid] scrapbook
13:26:30 [bo2] Jobs introduces iWork, successor to AppleWorks. Built with Mac OS X and iLife in mind.
13:26:31 [bo2] Two applications: Keynote 2 (cinema-quality presentations, animated text, powerful animated builds, presenter display, self-running kiosks. Jobs says he used Keynote for everything. [10:23 PT]
13:26:37 [Reid] new presentation styles – new transitions, animated text
13:26:48 [Reid] # demoing
13:26:50 [bo2] you’re behind
13:26:51 [bo2] supports advance typography
40 apple design templates included
13:26:56 [Reid] Oooh, IRC is being especially helpful
13:27:00 [bo2] all featured you expect in a good word processor
13:27:31 [bo2] “awesome starting points for documents”
13:27:40 [Reid] [appleinsider] iWork. Jobs introduces the successor to AppleWorks, iWork. The productivity suite is built with Mac OS X and iLife in mind, he says. It will include two applications
13:27:44 [Justin] okay, it seems to have converged on iWork (no final s)
13:27:48 [Reid] So it looks to have no ‘s’ at the end
13:27:53 [bo2] ok
13:27:58 [Reid] # Phil Schiller talking about Pages features
13:28:01 [bo2] invites Phil onstage
13:28:04 [bo2] rats
13:28:06 [Reid] hah
13:28:22 [Reid] demoing pages
13:28:29 [Reid] demoing pages
13:28:39 [Reid] When I copy from it is yellow
13:28:50 [bo2] Ò€’ New Application called “Pages” as new word prcoessor. Footnotes, etc. 40 Apple designed templates.
13:28:52 [bo2] Drag & drop rearrangement of templates. Very easy starting point. Phil Schiller invited on stage to demo new word processing application: Pages. [10:26 PT]
13:29:06 [Reid] has stopped reloading. infinite spin mode..
13:29:13 [Reid] # integrated Pages and iPhoto browser?
13:29:16 [bo2] Steve runs around like monkey on stage.. screaming: “developers developers developers deverlopers”
13:29:20 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:29:22 [Reid] hahahaah
13:29:23 [Justin] my colleague wants to join this chat but is getting error messages from AIM
13:29:31 [Reid] Get him to use iChat instead
13:29:33 [Reid] πŸ˜›
13:29:35 [Laura] πŸ˜€
13:29:37 [Reid] “Get a mac!”
13:29:38 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:29:44 [bo2] Interface similar to Keynote… drag and drop images from iPhoto
13:29:47 [Justin] is getting error messages from AIM in iChat!!! on his Mac!
13:29:48 [Peter] is he sweating profusely?
13:29:58 [bo2] who knows???
13:30:11 [Reid] [appleinsider] Pages. Apple has created its own word processor, which it is calling “Pages.” Pages offers footnotes, 40 Apple designed templates, drag & drop rearrangement of templates, and more..
13:30:13 [Reid] [] .. The application presents a very simple starting point. Phil Schiller is invited on stage by Jobs to demo the new app
13:30:20 [bo2] he drinks a lot of water… so no sweat
13:30:35 [Reid] ..I’m pasting in older stuff if it has more info..
13:30:36 [Peter] that would explain the pee earlier too
13:30:42 [bo2] (anyone reading this?)
just making sure you guys are awake
we are
of course:D
big time
13:30:47 [Justin] but he has an ICQ id, not a real AIM one
13:30:50 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:30:51 [Ray] yes
13:31:00 [bo2] The greek MUG thank you
fo sho πŸ™‚
alpha channel shadowing, alignment guides as in keynote, nice sizing and flow
go on
13:31:15 [Reid] # The keynote will obviously run somewhat over 1.30
13:31:24 [Peter] let us hope
13:31:50 [Mark] Well there’s likely to be “One more thing”
13:32:08 [Peter] one or two πŸ˜‰
13:32:17 [bo2] lots of marketing speach
13:32:19 [Reid] # steve’s back; lots of marketing speach [sic]
13:32:24 [Reid] hahaha
13:32:28 [bo2] pages does to word processing as kenote did to presentations
13:32:32 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:32:39 [Reid] # what next?; 79$ as well for iWork
13:32:42 [bo2] $79
13:32:44 [bo2] rats
13:32:50 [Reid] # the Macs πŸ™‚
13:32:54 [Reid] [Don’t get that one]
13:32:58 [bo2] jo
13:33:19 [Reid] # it’s called…; Mac Mini
13:33:21 [Reid] Woo!
13:33:26 [bo2] WOOOT
13:33:32 [Reid] “Mac Mini”… egad
13:33:39 [Reid] # very tiny
13:33:49 [Reid] # beautiful, quiet, firewire, usb2
13:33:53 [Reid] # analog, digital video out
13:33:59 [Laura] wonder if they’ll make it lower case “mini” like the iPod
13:34:01 [Reid] # it looks a little bit like the engadget fake
13:34:06 [Peter] “headless” probably was too morbid for the focus group
13:34:10 [Reid] haha
13:34:19 [Reid] # LOTS of applause
13:34:52 [Reid] [macnn on pages] Pages. Powerful and easy to use. Designed by Keynote team. Pages support PDF, AppleWorks, and PDF
13:34:59 [Reid] IRC quiet again
13:35:11 [Peter] PDF twice? are they insane?
13:35:21 [Reid] heh
13:35:25 [Justin] no! PDF is important! πŸ™‚
13:35:26 [Reid] Apple Store still closed..
13:35:34 [bo2] hooks to any industry stnadard keyboard
13:35:39 [Reid] # half as high as an iPod Mini, surface of a little dish
13:35:50 [Reid] “little dish”?
13:36:02 [Reid] # sold with iLife and Panther
13:36:11 [bo2] size of a portable hard drive
13:36:12 [Reid] # all the connections on the back
13:36:25 [Reid] not good I think. Some should be on side perhaps
13:36:28 [Reid] # 1.25 Ghz G4
13:36:39 [Reid] Hey Laura, there’s your baby
13:36:39 [bo2] $499
13:36:47 [Laura] FireWire, ethernet, USB 2.o, both DVI/VGA output. Very tine. Height is half the size of an iPod mini. BYODKM. Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, Mouse.
13:36:47 [Reid] # and another model @ 1.4 ghz
13:37:01 [Reid] Ha ha.. “b.y.o.d.”
13:37:04 [bo2] Bring your own Display Keyboard & mouse
13:37:07 [Reid] # available 22nd january; more applause
13:37:14 [Reid] Where’s you get that Laura?
13:37:20 [Laura] macNN
13:37:36 [Reid] # iTunes; most popular online music service
13:37:42 [Reid] so much for hardware..
13:37:45 [Reid] *sigh
13:38:03 [Laura] hey, he still has the “one more thing” to go…
13:38:29 [Reid] Mac Mini has “Slot-load Combo optical drive”
13:38:34 [bo2] Picture:
13:38:43 [Reid] # more than 250 milllion songs sold; 15 countries, 70% global market
13:38:54 [Reid] Ooooh..
13:38:59 [Laura] wooo
13:39:09 [bo2] mean
13:39:18 [bo2] sleek
13:39:26 [Reid] # prices for mac mini: $499 and $599; $499 with 1.25 G4, 256, 40 gig, Combo
13:39:41 [bo2] it’s having peecees for breakfast
13:39:43 [Reid] # ipod…
13:39:48 [Reid] # ipod mini…
13:40:16 [Iain] testing
13:40:17 [Reid] # apparently it looks like this:, mirror: another mirror
13:40:20 [Reid] hey Iain
13:40:20 [bo2]
13:40:45 [Reid] [macnn] “Ships in a box smaller than the regular iPod box”
13:40:53 [bo2] Ships in a box smaller than the regular iPod box.
13:40:55 [bo2] rats
13:41:25 [Reid] # right, I accidently copied the same link twice πŸ™‚ — ipod a major part of the digital music era…
13:41:41 [Reid] # sold 10 million ipods; 4.500.000 this year
13:42:07 [Reid] [macrumors] constantly retooling for new contents
13:42:09 [Reid] arg
13:42:16 [Reid] constantly retooling for new contents
13:42:43 [Reid] [macrumors] averaging half a billion songs per year
13:43:03 [bo2] Jobs calls it “BYODKM” — Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, Mouse.
13:43:06 [Reid] [macrumors] iTunes – more than 230 million songs sold
13:43:17 [Justin] now over 400 accessories available
amazon’s top buy consumer electronics product
crossed 10 million ipods sold
ipod & ipod mini
13:43:56 [bo2]
13:44:02 [bo2] wow
13:44:22 [bo2] mercedes to offer ipod jacks in new cars
Apples sells 1.25 million songs per day
13:44:30 [Laura] holy cow that’s small
13:44:36 [Reid] IRC is quiet agai
13:44:36 [bo2] yep
13:44:39 [Reid] er again
13:44:47 [bo2] brought cars to preview – on floor at macworld show
13:44:57 [bo2] onto cell phones
13:45:04 [bo2] iphone?
13:45:22 [bo2] showing the motorolla phone
13:45:46 [bo2] btw: alfa and ferarri as well to support ipod
13:45:51 [Reid] covering using ipod in the car; mercedes to offer ipod jacks in new cars; showing the motorolla phone
13:45:56 [Reid] oops forgot # in front
13:45:59 [bo2] yawn..
13:46:02 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:46:08 [Reid] # last year, iPod share 35%
13:46:20 [bo2] mercedes nissan volvo scion
no saab :'(
13:46:30 [bo2] Steve: “no saab… absolutely not”
13:46:36 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:46:45 [Reid] # new product iPod mini to get high-end flash market – since last year, its share has doubled; flash share 62%
13:47:01 [Reid] # (mac mini note: no keyboard or mouse included)
13:47:13 [Justin] comic relief: is pretending to do live coverage. They’ve got all the way up to GarageBand, half an hour ago!! πŸ™‚
13:47:22 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:47:34 [Reid] # em, flash share was 62 last year
13:48:02 [bo2] Ò€’ iPod: Apple sold 733,000 iPods in 2003 holiday quarter.
13:48:28 [bo2] Apple sold more than 4.5 million iPods in 2004 holiday quarter. 500% growth from 2003.
13:48:37 [Reid] # want to make something really great; forget batteries – no need to make music hard to find on player; next?
13:49:33 [bo2] iPod Flash: small display, AAA batteries, even easoier to use than ipod
13:49:44 [bo2] ??????????
13:49:46 [Reid] # introducing iPod SHuffle; new device
13:50:01 [Reid] # one ounce weight
13:50:05 [bo2] smaller than a pack of gum
13:50:27 [bo2] thank god, it has a display
13:50:45 [Reid]
13:50:54 [Reid]
13:51:05 [Reid] # USB
13:51:13 [Reid] # 12 hours on battery
13:51:25 [Reid] # shuffle or a playlist
13:52:03 [Reid] [macnn] Jobs shows 10 millionth iPod made. Was kept, not sold.
13:52:25 [Reid] [macrumors] simple to use controls
13:52:37 [bo2]
13:52:54 [bo2] YES!!!
13:53:16 [Reid] # charge in car
13:53:27 [Ray] i guess john gruber will have to eat his hat: mmm.. hat.
13:53:59 [Reid] # Autofill is a new feature in itunes. It selects a number of tracks which correspond in size to the ipod flash
13:54:33 [Reid] # 512 MB; 99$
13:54:39 [Reid] $99 !!!
13:54:40 [Reid] Wow
13:54:54 [Reid] I bought Luisa a 256 MB one for $199 (Cdn admittedly)
13:55:00 [Reid] # and another model: 1 GB 149$
13:55:03 [Reid] woot
13:55:08 [bo2] WOOT
13:55:14 [bo2] today!!!
13:55:32 [Reid] Apple Store still closed though. πŸ™‚
13:55:44 [bo2] so is
13:55:45 [Reid] # jpg
13:55:48 [Reid] oops
13:55:53 [Reid] #
13:56:03 [bo2] you’re late…
13:56:04 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:56:14 [Reid] A lot of these URLs aren’t working for me..
13:56:16 [Reid] oh well
13:56:21 [bo2]
13:56:35 [Reid] Ya, that one works
13:56:39 [bo2]
13:56:45 [bo2] πŸ™‚
13:56:55 [Reid] That’s a mirror, ya?
13:57:02 [Reid] # showing an ad
13:57:08 [bo2] it’s all over the place by now!
13:57:20 [bo2] dock & case available – $29 each
shuffle demo
13:57:38 [Reid] They are going to sell a ton of these
13:57:47 [bo2] oj yeah!
13:58:09 [bo2] wouldn’t be in the competitions shoes right now..
13:58:12 [Laura] about how many songs on a 512MB?


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