Here we go again…

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As I type, I am installing Fedora Core 3 onto the Media Box.
I am following the instructions in the
Fedora Myth(TV)ology HOWTO.
I’ve installed the PVR-350, formatted the disk as described (mostly XFS under LVM), and it’s now chugging away installing.
I have a DVD version of Fedora, so it doesn’t need any swapping, thank goodness.

I am hoping that the PVR-350 will make for a much better experience than the previous card, which is labelled as a “WinCast/TV” and copyright 1996!
Maybe something 9 years more recent will do better?

Time to head for bed and hope things install nicely.
I am a bit concerned that it didn’t detec my second hard drive, but that’s okay since I am planning on adding it to the LVM manager as part of my /video partition.
G’nite all..

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I'm a long-time Mac and iOS developer. I'm also a big fan of Ruby on Rails and relational databases. I tend to work remotely, in my basement with occasional trips to the office. I'm also a big videophile, both TV and film, and can't wait for a good, inexpensive home 4k solution.

3 comments on “Here we go again…

  1. Harald

    I’m _still_ blissfully happy with my MythTV box. It’s been rock solid (even more than the Ubuntu box sitting next to it), and with the zap2it labs interface, it keeps track of all of my TV watching even when programs move around.

    I love it!

  2. Luisa

    Interesting article. So they’re finally noticing? I’ve been going on about this for years now – having worked in CBC Sales for years, and then going to CTV (combined with being married to Reid) makes me acutely aware of how much money they’re about to lose.

    Our Canadian Broadcasters (CBC, CTV, and Global) are all currently in the process of spending millions of dollars in upgrading their commercial sales systems. An incredible waste of money, if you ask me. The broadcast experience is going to change. They should be spending all that money on delivering programs on demand. Well, perhaps that job actually belongs to companies that already specialize in delivery (like Rogers).

    For the last 3 years or so, I’ve been thinking that broadcasters that don’t provide content will all shrivel up and die. It’ll be very interesting to see what comes of it all.

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