HDTV buying

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So we’re looking at getting an HDTV.. soon-ish.

No sooner had Luisa and I posted about it in the comments in that last post than Iain sent me
this way cool
list of CRT HDTV’s in Canada

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  1. Iain

    The CRT TV is not dead! I was rather shocked to find that there are a large number of CRT HDTV’s out there at really good prices ($2k range). It seems that the limitation with CRT HDTV’s is their maximum size. The largest I have seen is 34″. I checked some out at FutureShop and saw that the 34″ models are not terribly big (when compared to DLP/LCD/Plasma HDTV’s). The benefits are that there is no burn in, half life, lamp replacement, fan noise, nor any ghosting. Unfortunately 1080p is coming down the pipe now so it looks as if everything on the market today will be junk as soon as that standard is used by the cable companies. I cannot wait until 1080p is available so I am saving my pennies for a CRT HDTV that I will connect to my HTPC.

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