Hauppage PVR-350

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After talking with Luisa last night about the Media Box, and more specifically how
Harald was able to whip together his MythTV box so quickly,
I bought myself a
Hauppage WinTV PVR-350
today from GreyTech.
It should arrive in a few days.
Then I will reformat, install Fedora Core 3, and follow the
Step-by-step guide to building a MythTV System on Fedora Core“.

Yeh, it’s da HARDWARE’s fault. Ya, DAT’S it.

P.S.: Hauppage has a Mac branch of the company called
eskape labs.

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6 comments on “Hauppage PVR-350

  1. Luisa

    It’s on order… to be delivered early February. But — that had to come before an HDTV, not a video capture card. Did we get an HDTV, too? I wouldn’t know — nobody tells me anything. ;D

  2. Reid

    Um.. ya… (furiously checking HDTV prices) I think we must have (trying to find online place that sells CRT HDTVs) .. bought one, yeee-ah (clicks “Buy”) we did!

    Well, okay, no, not really. Alas.

    Time for an HDTV post I think..

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