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So I’ve got myself
a Flickr account.
I tried it out for a few months in “free” mode, which has a limit of about 10 MB I think.
You can see my latest uploaded pictures along the side of my blog, currently towards the bottom right.

The main problem I had (and continue to have) is uploading.
All the apps seem to get stuck and upload the same picture over and over, eating up your monthly bandwidth allotment
(for paid users its a gig, so not really a biggy)
and polluting your online album.

Well, it turns out you can generate an email address that uploads any enclosed pics to your “stream”.
They call it “stream” because you can set up “albums” with selections of shots from your “stream”.
Ya, they don’t have enough words.
I guess “Shoebox” is no good.
We ran into this naming thing when I was working on PhotoSuite, too.

One of the cool things you can do is to associate keywords to pictures.
These keywords are searchable either in just your pics (an pics with
Iain in them,
pics with
both Debbie and Michelle
in them)
or in all (visible to you) pictures on Flickr (Debbie and Ruth,
pictures taken at our house).
You can even subscribe to an RSS feed of
pictures of David
should the mood strike you. 🙂

I am also adding tags for family tree type stuff.
All pics of my paternal grandfather and his descendents have the “ellis” tag.
All pics of my parents on down have both the “reid” and “ellis” tags (my Mom’s maiden name was “Reid”; now you know how I got my name).
All pics of Luisa and I on down have “reid”, “ellis”, “perrella”.
We may add “terrigno” (her Mom’s maiden name) later.
This gets a bit tedious, and I would like to have hierarchical tags, so that adding Ronnie’s “r2e2” identifier also automatically included these tags: reid ellis perrella family.

Update: apparently you can host images on Flickr, so this big picture of me and my Dad from a photo booth should load a lot quicker than my pictures usually do.
Let me know!

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