StarFest 2004

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The moon, taken with my Olympus D-510 through Jeff’s telescope.
Click picture for larger version.

We’re back from StarFest.
Quick summary: Friday night was cloudy, Saturday night was excellent but I got sick, we came back Sunday morning.

The sun.
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Saturday was definitely *The* *Day* for the ‘Fest.
The seeing was excellent, and people stayed up until past 4am.

The sun through an H-Alpha filter, so you can see the prominences. [sp?]
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Unfortunately for me, something in the air was causing me no end of grief.
I haven’t “had allergies” for most of my life, but in recent years I seem to be getting sneezing fits now and then.
This was much worse, as it included both the runny nose *and* a powerful headache.
I managed to stay up Saturday night until after the moon set (it was really bright) and saw the Andromeda galaxy, the Triffid nebula and various other nebula before hitting the sack around 10:30pm.
Even then, I had a very hard time falling asleep because of the headache.
Probably one of the worst times I’ve ever had trying to fall asleep.

A panoramic view of the tent village at StarFest, with Jeff and Michael next to a telescope.
Click picture for a very much larger (11,244 x 936, and 1,269k) version.

Jeff was checking out a certain brand of scopes because he is thinking of getting that brand.
Jeff and I bought new pairs of binoculars, Bausch and Laumb 7×50’s.
They have excellent light-gathering and really brighten up whatever you look at.
Not just stars — in the middle of the night when I c ould barely make out the silouhettes of people, I was able to use the binoculars and read the badges people had on their coat arms.
Very impressive!

All of my StarFest 2004 pictures are
under one directory,
so feel free to browse through them.


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