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Anyone else remember that single by Coleman Wilde, called either “It Doesn’t Matter” or “It’s What’s Inside That Counts“?
I bought the cassette at Sam’s back in the day and managed to lose it.
I looked around for it on the web and all I could find were
the lyrics.
Maybe it’s included in a “Hits of the 80’s” or something somewhere?

Ah well.
I have no idea why that song is in my head at the moment.
Maybe a muzak version was playing in the subway or something.


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  1. grayman

    fosters beer originally used the music in their commercials if I remember correctly, and then the full song came out when it was realized how popular it had become. Perhaps they have access to it through their archives

  2. Doug Wilde

    I was surfing around trying to find a quicktime movie of the Fosters commercial “Whats Inside that Counts” and I came across this site. For what its worth here are a few more bits of info about this song.

    The music was written by me, with lyrics by myself, Ralph Cole (guitarist for Lighthouse) and an ad agency copywriter named Peter Gilboy. At the time I was partners with Ralph in a company called Harris Cole Wilde. We produced the music for a commercial and when it became popular we were contacted by Attic Records and asked to create a single of the track. We expanded the 30 second song to single length… then needed a name for the artist singing it (it was actually sung by myself and Ralph… I am the low voice).

    We decided on the combo of our last names for the mythical artist Coleman Wilde. The single sold about 30 thousand copies.. not bad for Canada, and still gets played once in a while on the radio. It’s a pretty simple piece but people seemed to like it.

    An interesting bit of trivia… when asked to write the song we were given some lyrics from the ad agency and actually wrote 5 other pieces of music to the same lyric. We submitted all 6 to the agency and other music houses submitted pieces as well, so there were about 20 pieces of music written to the lyric. The agency chose the one that became the single.

    Doug Wilde
    [mildly edited by Reid]

  3. Reid

    This is very cool. I wish I could buy an mp3 of that song, especially the long-playing version I had on that tape. I don’t suppose there’s any chance you would put it up for sale via or maybe (although the latter has gone downhill, I understand).

    Hey, if you need help with it, I have a dual 2GHz G5 Mac here. 🙂

  4. Doug Wilde

    I found a copy of the commercial/song and my new website has a 90 sec version with video. Still looking for the original dat tape of the recording.I know i have it somewhere.If i ever find it would be happy to get a copy to you.
    Happy new year
    Doug Wilde

  5. Dave

    I have been looking for the words for that song “it doesn’t matter” for the longest time …. If you can let me know where to find them I would appreciate it!

  6. Jay

    I have the song on CD, courtesy of a Sport Chek CD Sampler with hockey arena music. It’s called “The Dawn Of A New Ice Age”. I was thrilled when I discovered It Doesn’t Matter was on it, as I’d been in love with the song since my eighth grade English teacher (who was also a weekend DJ) had the single on vinyl and played it often. I’d even still rank it in my top ten favorite songs of all time, over fifteen years later.

  7. rae Post author

    How long ago did you get the CD? Hm, I think I’ll go find my nearest “Sport Check”, if there are any in Toronto..

  8. Richard

    I, too, am looking for that song “It Doesn’t matter” on cd. I called a Sport Chek, they said they never published such a cd. I found another site that listed it on a cd called Sun Jammin’ 3. But i have been unable to find either. If anyone finds it I will buy it or a copy from them. Thanks.


  9. Stef

    Hey, I’ve been looking for an MP3 version of this song too…

    I have, though, if you believe me or not, the SINGLE cassette of this!! I just have no way to turn it into an MP3 or have any clue if it still works or sounds good. (it’s funny the stuff you find when you unpack EVERYTHING!)

    Any ideas?

  10. rae Post author

    Stef: yes, that’s the cassette I used to have! I still have the case (I think), but I lost the cassette when I lent it to someone on a ski trip to Blue Mountain back in 1990

  11. Tracey

    Thank you so much for that little teaser of “It Doesn’t Matter” commercial on your site Doug! I have been searching endlessly for a copy of this song for so long! Of course, I have had no luck in doing that. 🙂 I’d love to obtain a copy! Awesome song composing Doug!

  12. Roger Wegwitz

    I recently obtained a CD from a local used CD/LP/Book store in Saskatoon, The only I could find. The CD is For hockey…”Contact 3 – the 3rd Period”, Attic Records 1997. The song ‘It Doesn’t Matter – Coleman Wilde is the 13th song on the CD. The CD was in the original pastic envelope… never opened, until now.

  13. Kasia

    For the person who just found the song on CD … could you put it into mp3 format and post it !!!!
    Desperatly searching for the song

  14. Glenn

    I also have a copy of this song from sun jammin’ 3. The CD was released from sony music canada in 1993. The Catalogue Number Of The CD Is TVK 24007.

  15. Pat

    Eureka!! What a bonus finding this site even if it is 4 years after some of the commments. A few years ago I too looked for this great song over and over. I had thought that the song had come out on the radio and then was used for a truck commercial. In the cobwebby caves of my memory, I thought I remembered seeing a very rugged guy in cowboy/farm clothes leaning on the truck. Anyway I believe I had Winmx at that time for downloading music although it may have been Kazaa. After trying once or twice a week for months I lucked into someone who was online at the site at the same time I was and I was able to download it. So I have it!!!!!!! I now use Limewire so if someone wants this, leave a message here and we’ll contact each other.
    Muchos thanks Doug – I’ve played, sang and danced to that song a bizillion times – I’d be happy to pay you royalties – truly.

  16. Bo

    Pat i would love if you would email me the song…..i have been lookin for the “it doesnt matter song” for a lonnng time too…my email addy is if you would be so kind as to help me out it would be much appreciated

  17. John Chalmers

    Pat; I would also greatly appreciate it you could e-mail me the song. I’ve been looking for It doesn’t matter for quite some time on limewire and haven’t been successful. My address is Any help you could supply would be greatly appreciated.

  18. kris

    WOW, finally after all these years of getting just clip of the song in my head and a visual of the guys walking down the street I have found it. You have no idea how many people have given me a crazy look when I ask about this song and commercial and attempt to sing a verse of it….
    . Talk about nestalgia
    Thanks and if anyone can forward me any copy of the entire song in any format I would be most grateful
    The 80’s gotta love it.
    Nice job Doug!!!!

  19. Blair

    Hi, I’ve got the song “It Doesn’t Matter” on the Sun Jammin 3 CD. I liked the way it sounded. If anyone wants a copy I will add it to my computer and send it to whom ever wants it.

  20. DanV

    This is just great,
    I’ve had this song in my head for so long,
    last time I heard it on the radio was 12 years ago, and I’ve looked everywhere for it,

  21. lida

    I have the CD Sun Jammin 3 with the song It Doesn’t Matter on it. I’m just playing the song right now. I’m willing to sell the CD for $5.00 plus shipping. If interested please send an email to

  22. stephanie-lynn

    I found the song on limewire once (and still have it) and now i can’t find it to share with all you people who have searched as hard as myself. But if you are searching through limewire the file name is ‘various artists-it doesnt matter-coleman wilde’ i hope it helps

  23. Sam

    Does anyone have the original Sun Jammin’ albums 1 through 3? I used to have them all and can’t find them! I wanted to make them from downloads on itunes as I can’t seem to find the CD’s anywhere. could someone please give me a track list of each of the tapes/ cds please!!!!


  24. Whitney

    Hello everyone!
    I have been looking for this song for years!!! Omg. I’m so glad that I was finally able to find other people who loved this song like I did. Anyhoo, if anyone out there has this song in mp3 format and is willing to share it, do you think you can email me a copy of this song? I would be so eternally grateful! my email address is I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys sooo much!

  25. Anna Cooper

    I’ve been looking for this song for some time too! If you have it, PLEASE send it my way, as I’ve just had No Luck tracking it down.


  26. sarah

    Hello. I tried to e-mail it..misty_blue_eyes2@yahoo but it would not accept my e-mail. My husband and I are part of a retreat weekend for 30 or so teenagers and music is a big part of the weekend. I would love to play this song during the weekend (I think it has a great message for the kids). Please I beg anyone who has the song to please forward it to me so that I may be able to play it on the weekend. My e-mail address is

  27. Whitney

    Hello everyone! If anyone is looking for the Coleman-Wilde “It Doesn't Matter,” I have it and am more than willing to share it with anyone that may need it. Please email me at I will send it to you via email. Have a wonderful day. Cheers!

  28. Jake Hansen

    It is truly amazing how many ppl have been looking for this one song. I can remember from when I was a kid that it was also used for Molson Canadian after Molson had gotten a hold of the song. Its a truly wonderful song and yet profound at the same time when you listen to the lyrics. Its about time that song was brought out again considering how much general society is living in overdramatic politically correct times as it is now.

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