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I own the domain, so about 2 months ago I started getting spam from several domain-selling companies that they would reserve “” for me when it expired for a fee. That fee was pretty high.. at first. As time went by, the price fell lower and lower.

When the domain actually expired, I logged in to my Dreamhost account and bought the domain at the regular cost.

A rare instance of spam actually providing a service—in this instance, as a calendar-ish reminder alarm.

P.S. Luisa, this is the domain i was thinking of, not (which I don’t think will ever be available)

ReidNews now on DreamHost

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.. and so are Tech Tok and
33 and a Third.

After my linux box seized up, I decided to finally get around to moving stuff off my personal server.
This *should* result in faster access for everyone but us here at home. 🙂

While I was at it, I added the capability of using your Facebook account to leave comments in the Disqus system.
But there are still many missing images.
I am rsync’ing them as fast as I’m able.
It’ll take a little while longer, I’m afraid.

TWiT HD harangue

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Getting tired of people screwing this up.
Especially people who should know better.

On either “This Week in Tech” or “MacBreak Weekly” (I don’t remember which)
the participants were constantly *incorrectly* saying “1080p” when describing all sorts of cameras.
The cameras they were talking about are all unable to do 1080p, at least at 60 frames per second (fps).

All of the cameras, however, can do 1080i.
That one letter makes all the difference.
‘i’ stands for “interlace”, which means it only records every other line.
I like to call 1080i “squished 540p”, since that’s how many scan lines are recorded.

Some cameras can record at a slower number of frames per second.
e.g. the Canon I want to get can record at 30 fps and 24 fps.
At both of these speeds it may be able to record at 1080p.
However, since 1080p implies 60 fps, it would be better to include the frame rate somehow,
and call it something like 1080@30p (I think I’ve seen that notation somewhere).

The only video cameras that can do 1080@60p are very expensive.
Over $5,000.

Well, not counting
the new stuff from Red
coming out tomorrow.
That might be a game-changer.
At least I hope so..

Imperial Asia

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The rondel I’ve done so far for our version
of “Imperial Asia”. Click for larger image.

We play a lot of
on Friday nights at boardgaming, and recently we tried a new map someone came up with called
“Imperial Asia”.

It’s nice, but the quality of the map left something to be desired,
so I have embarked on the task of doing another one.
Should be fun!

So to this point, I’ve got a general map of the area and an almost-finished rondel,
which you see to the right.
Below is a mockup of the map, which is still in the process of being traced out in Illustrator.

click for larger version

Google banned

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Well, I think it’s more of a combination of Google and Firefox.

My site was hacked via a WordPress exploit.
I’ve updated to the latest (I was at 2.5, now at 2.6.1), which should fix the issue.

I’ve applied to Google to get re-evaluated.
But their form for re-evaluation says it will take “several weeks”!
So until then, my site will be red-eye-banned by all Firefox users.

Ye gods.

2008-09-18 13:05 Update:
Found out that Google is in cahoots with, and applied to them to get my blog reviewed.
Their turnaround was significantly faster than that of Google (which hasn’t done anything yet).
I got this email reply from them a day or two after I asked them for a review:

We have received and processed your request for review of your website, Google’s most recent test of your website found no badware behaviors on the site. As such, the Google warning page for your site has either already been removed or should be removed shortly. In addition, if your site has been listed in our Badware Website Clearinghouse, we will remove your site from the Clearinghouse list.

Sometimes website owners are confused about why Google placed a warning in the search results for their site. In many cases, a website run by an innocent site owner has been hacked by a malicious third party, causing the site to distribute badware without the site owner’s knowledge. If your site was distributing badware because it has been hacked, then simply removing the bad code from your site is not enough to keep your site clean in the future. You will also need to work with your hosting provider to fix all security vulnerabilities associated with your site.

Please note that we will be retesting your website at periodic intervals in order to monitor that it remains free from badware. If we find that you are hosting or distributing badware in the future, the reviews process may take considerably longer than the original review.

Answers to commonly asked questions from site owners who are the subject of Google warnings can be found at:
For tips on keeping your website clean and secure, please visit:

The StopBadware Team

So with any luck, this blog will be out from under Googles Red Screen of Death sometime soon.


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I did something to my leg.
No idea how. Maybe the long-ish bike rider over the weekend?

Whatever the reason, it’s now hard to walk.
I may have to take time off work to let it heal, or something.

Sat around all weekend at Tony’s cottage up near Minden feeling about as useful as a doorstop.
Managed to get 2/3 of the way through “The Bourne Identity” though.
The book is very different from the movie.
And still good!

I was amazed that I actually managed to get an EDGE internet connection up there.

Ronnie starts D&D camp at the ROM today.
He’s loaded to bear with his Warcraft III Monster Manual and bag o’ dice (my bag o’ dice, actually).