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I own the gmone.org domain, so about 2 months ago I started getting spam from several domain-selling companies that they would reserve “gmone.com” for me when it expired for a fee. That fee was pretty high.. at first. As time went by, the price fell lower and lower.

When the domain actually expired, I logged in to my Dreamhost account and bought the domain at the regular cost.

A rare instance of spam actually providing a service—in this instance, as a calendar-ish reminder alarm.

P.S. Luisa, this is the domain i was thinking of, not tnir.com (which I don’t think will ever be available)

ReidNews now on DreamHost

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.. and so are Tech Tok and
33 and a Third.

After my linux box seized up, I decided to finally get around to moving stuff off my personal server.
This *should* result in faster access for everyone but us here at home. 🙂

While I was at it, I added the capability of using your Facebook account to leave comments in the Disqus system.
But there are still many missing images.
I am rsync’ing them as fast as I’m able.
It’ll take a little while longer, I’m afraid.