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A Sense of Scale

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Wow, I love this movie.
It shows the relative scale of astronomical bodies, from Mercury (~â…“ the size of Earth) to W Cephei (almost 300,000 x Earth)

Oh, and while I’m embedding movies, I like this time-lapse video of a hot air balloon festival, not only for the video, but for the music.

Busker’s Festival

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Last weekend we went downtown to Front Street to see the Busker’s Festival, just west of the St Lawrence Market.
There was a band playing named “Oka” with 3 guys, playing guitar/flute, drums/keyboard-synth, and an Australian

A google revealed
their CD Baby page
where you can buiy theiir CDs, and
a CD of theirs on CD Universe,
which you can also buy.

It sounded amazing, so I recorded a few short clips of their performance. Enjoy.

RoadTrip videos, day 1

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I can’t upload them all, because of YouTube’s 100 MB upload limit. So here are the biggest that are under 100 MB.

Iain and Reid discover the Mustang’s roof doesn’t retract!

Our faith in the GPS is shaken… in San Mateo

We arrive at Google headquarters and drive around. Not much talking in this one. Kinda windy at first, but it gets quieter.

A demonstration of Iain’s GPS Lady.

More GPS fiddling

Mentos experiments at Andy’s place

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We went to Andy’s annual BBQ tonight, and I brought along our camera. There were a series of “drop the mentos into the bottle of Diet Coke” experiments. I dutifully recorded them all and herein are the links to the videos on YouTube:

Experiment #1.

And here’s an alternate viewpoint of the same event:

Experiment #2 wasn’t very successful, possibly due to the Coke being cooled down.
So we warmed up a bottle and performed the most successful experiment, #3.

Pretty cool, eh?