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webcast showing how Free Software ≠ Open Source

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I followed
the link to a webcast
at the end of
this blog post
by someone from Ubuntu.
It showed a meeting at the U.N. where representatives from various (mostly African?) countries met with software representatives to discuss “Alternative Technologies for Development: A Look at Free Open Source Software“.
It is a very good place to listen to Richard Stallman explain the difference between “Free Software” and “Open Source”, as well as talking about a number of other topics.

The whole thing is (a) Real Player, and (b) very long (2 hours?).

I’ve hit my monthly limit on Flickr

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I left my powerbook uploading pictures when I went off to Yosemite Park today, an it stopped after picture 155 of 413 (each is about 4 MB) because I had exceeded my quota. Hah.

I think i’ve found a way around my problem with huge mux’ed MPEG-1 videos. I’ve found an app that separates the audio out to a separate file. So I can do that, then convert the file to DivX hopefully adding the audio track at that point so I end up with nice, tiny video files that can be uploaded to YouTube.

I have a few more mux’ed MPEG-1s that fit in the 100 MB YouTube limit so for now I acn upload those. But they will be short.

Google SmartLinksâ„¢

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Google smart download link

Check out the “download” and “screenshots” links!

Am I just slow or is this a new feature for Google search?
I did a search for “Handbrake”, a free Mac app, and it came up with the above results.
There were special links for “download”, “snapshots”, and even “beta”!

Is the Handbrake guy adding special, Google-friendly tags to his site?
Or is Google taking another step towards omniscience?

If you read only one movie plot summary..

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Let it be
this one for Star Trek: Nemesis.

Warning: contains naughty words that rhymme with “firetruck”.

It kinda reminds me of how Andy used to review fine movies with Goldie Hawn in them.

Here’s a choice snippet from when Picard beams over to the Reman ship to confront Shinzon:

Great. I whacked some guy with my rifle and it broke in half.
Who built this #$#%ing thing?
Well, now I have an excuse for yet another contrived scene:
hand to hand combat with Shinzon.
I hope the audience won’t think to ask why I don’t just pick up a gun from the floor,
since I just killed a whole room full of Reman crewmen.
Then again, if they’ve suffered through this much of the movie,
they’re probably de-sensitized to the bad writing.