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Bad Movie Trailer Unicode

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what are those characters before the ©?

I was watching some movie trailers:
Iron Man,
The Last Legion,
Lions For Lambs,
Right at Your Door,
and The Signal.

At the end of “Exiled”, I noticed something funny in the end credits, as you can see to the right.


Btw, I heartily recommend the “Iron Man” trailer. Yes, they used the Black Sabbath song.

“The Last Legion” looks really good, and I was susprised to see
Colin Firth
Ben Kingsley
were in it.

“War” and “Exiled” look to be two good martial arts action movies.
I suspect the former will be more in the impossibly-good category,
while the latter has more of a “Reservoir Dogs” feel to it.

It’s time for the annual changing of the internet provider

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Well, it’s that time of year again.

Last year at this time, our then-internet-provider,,
dumped all of its DSL customers into the lap of another provider, known variously as,, and other names.
I just call them 3Web.
It seemed okay for a while, but then we started getting outages, and then they became more frequent.

I checked my logs for last night and we had a one-minute outage about once every 45 minutes.
Needless to say, when Michael and Ronnie are plying WoW, a one minute outage is a major pain.
Especially when they have to spend 45 minutes waiting to do something in the game.

Michael did some research à la Google and found a place called
They offer 5 Mbps DSL, have a no-throttling policy, and also offer static IPs.
Sounds good to me!

So today I ordered our DSL from them to be activated on Mon Jul 16, 2007.
Which DSL provider you use is selected solely by the login id you use,
so for a couple of weeks I can go back and forth between them.

Hope it works out!


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looks like an interesting alternative to Skype for online meetings/chats.
If someone else could create an account and let me chat with them to try it out, I would appreciate it.

Thoughts going out today to Peter and Laura and especially Jon.

Internet down

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Late on Friday afternoon our internet service went down.
It’s still down now, but I can access our ISP’s site at least, from which I got a phone number.
I called and an automated (but constantly-cutting-out) voice semi-squaked that service was out for many customers in southern Ontario, and that the office is open on Saturdays at 10am.
I stopped listening at that point since I now knew when to call back.

Our ISP is (mostly)
It’s kind of weird.
We’re also under and
When gave up on its residential DSL service in August of 2006, the company in control of our destiny was never quite clear.
CyberSurf was mentioned prominently in related email, but the company itself is very minimalistic online.
At some point I was redirected to 3Web, which seems to be some sort of joint Rogers/Bell thing, offering both DSL and Cable high-speed access.

Ah well, hopefully it will be all sorted by tomorrow.
We’ll see.

Jamendo – impressive CC music site

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In this Web2.0 world, it isn’t often that a site impresses me.

Jamendo is basically a site for free music, shared under
Creative Commons
i.e. legal free music.

album mouseover

However, not only is the licensing forward-looking, but the implementation of the site itself is impressive.
I was first struck by the registration, which instead of bringing up a new page, threw up a translucent dialog over the web page.
Very slick.

Then, when I was browsing the site, I noticed a decided low number of page refreshes, which indicates a large amount of
at work.
Moving your mouse over an album displays a nice popup of available options.

Also, and more remarkably, the number of albums displayed in a row changes
(e.g. before and
as you make your window wider and narrower.
You expect this kind of UI from a desktop app, but not from a web app.
Makes for a very smooth experience.

The music player embedded in the page is *not* done with flash.
Indeed, the lack of Flash shows how you can make an impressive site without resorting to proprietary code.
Very cool.

They also have
an API
for getting at all the data stored on the site, including “recent” information.
There are both simple URLs you can use that return text, and XML-RPC calls you can make.
e.g. All albums by Ehma.

Oh, and did I mention that all downloads are done with BitTorrent (or eMule, another p2p thing)? 🙂

Mininova Torrent Jam

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torrent jam
Look at how many people are torrenting (click for current list)

Wow, I figured that with the season 3 premiere of Battlestar Galactica, there would be a lot of BitTorrent activity, especially since here in Toronto
isn’t showing it until tonight, but over 25,000 people?


Watch Space Channel's Battlestar Galactica promo, even if you have a Mac

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BSG Season 3 promo
Space’s BSG season3 promo

I have a Mac, and I find The Space Channel’s use of Windows media very frustrating.
However, the flip side is that, with

installed, I can actually save online content that Windows users cannot.

For instance, this link
to Space’s HypaSpace Battlestar Galactica season 3 promo opens up in a QuickTime window, and after the download is finished, I can save that movie to my disk, to be played whenever I want.

I don’t think Windows users can do that with streaming wmv content, so it takes away a little bit of the pain of browsing in a Windows website.

Space is showing the Season 3 premiere on Saturday, one day behind the SciFi channel in the US.
The one-day lag means most people will watch the BitTorrent version.
Especially since Space isn’t HD yet.

I would expect HR versions to be online by around midnight, with
versions within a week, as is typical.
I’ve heard that because BCE
(which owns
it’s unlike that Space will be in HD any time soon.
Not sure why the latter follows from the former, but oh well.

Oh what a tangled web we browse

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time lapse Toronto

Time lapse Toronto

I read my RSS feeds every morning using
and today while reading
this posting
on “The Unofficial Mac Weblog“,
which mentioned in passing a site called

I like the idea of FreeMacWare very much (only mention free software) and they have other sites too, like
FreeMacBlog, and
FreeMacphoto had
a post that, right at the end, brought me to
this picture,
which is an amazing time-lapsed composition of downtown Toronto.

The upshot of all this is I found a Flickr user who takes awesome pictures in and around Toronto.
And it took 4 links to get there.