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Spirit on Mars

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The Spirit probe has sent several stero image pairs, and I haven’t seen anywhere on the web that displays them in such a way that you can actually try them out.
The idea is that if they are side-by-side, you can kind of de-focus your eyes and merge the two images into a single 3D image.
It’s way cool if you can get it to work.

Leave a comment saying whether or not you were successful with it!

Hope it worked for you!

Woo — approaching 7500 SETI work units!

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The computers in our house have been busy over the years.
Check out the stats for
Team Posl.
Actually, including the results under ‘rae [G4/450]’ (7427) with the old results under ‘Reid Ellis’ (280) and ‘lp’ (227), we’re actually at 7934 — almost 8000.
At 7439 units, we’re in 16,411th place, which puts us in the 99.636% category, according to
SETI’s stats
(stats change over time so numbers you see may be more up-to-date).