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ReidNews radio show

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I’ve been listening to Adam Curry’s “Daily Source Code” podcast for a couple of months now.
It’s the kind of thing I’d like to do, and in fact, Iain and I tried to record an iChat voice conversation of this sort in October of 2003.
You can
listen to an AAC of the result
(6 MB; let me know if you want mp3),
but it’s mixed at best.
I even hand-edited it to bring up the volume of Iain’s voice, but it wasn’t wildly successful.

I recorded
a “ReidNews” podcast (1.7 MB)
recently, just before Luisa’s birthday.
It was another experiment, using a microphone I had recently found.
I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of that, either.

However, after Luisa opened her presents, I tried one of them out with surprising results!
I gave her the computer upgrade, and the boys gave her an mp3 player,
the 256MB
iRiver 790,
which does voice recording.
I tried it out and was happily surprised with how they came out:
[1] (40k)
[2] (66k).

My ideal would be to record a conversation about interesting topics, edit it a bit (adding intro, music bits etc), and post the results.
Let me know if you’re interested in trying this.
One possibility is to use something llike iChat/AIM to voice chat, but *also* record locally at high quality.
That would be a bit tough, since the live chat would have latency, while the high-quality mix would not, so a nip or tuck here and there might be neccessitated.
The Skype team tried this with some success.

Podcasting, and Eeek

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There seems to be a new Killer App out there, and it’s called
The idea is a branch off of RSS feeds for blogs — like those I use in my
Journal News
aggregation page.
A link to an mp3 is added to the RSS information, and there are apps
(iPodder – free,
iPodderX – shareware)
that will monitor the feeds and grab new mp3’s as they become available.

This is not too different from what I already do with some more commercial mp3 broadcasts.
Every week I download the latest
Quirks & Quarks
as well as
This Week in Science.
I am hoping this new influx of available mp3’s may include some science-related information/discussion.
I’ve always thought we could do a show with two or more people talking about stuff.

It turns out that
Jerry Doyle
is a hard-line right-wing conservative!

Btw, in case you hadn’t heard,
Howard Stern
is moving to satellite radio, where he can’t be censored by the FCC.