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Trying out Ecto

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I downloaded and am giving it a try.

I do find it a bit of a pain to post to blogs and would appreciate anything that would speed the process up.

What I would really like would be something that would let me upload images to tnir and know that the URLs are relative to (as well as the usual thing like image size, etc).

We shall see..

Useful Italian Links

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Michael and I are learning Italian, so here are some links for reference.

words.italian.Z (Compressed) List of words from Oxford in the UK
Italian.txt Some English-to-Italian word translations
Irregular verbs A list of irregular Italian verbs, with irregularities emphasized
Irregular verb script from same person as previous entry, but allows more selection (tense, etc)
Italian Lessons Very simple ones.
Italiano per chi viaggia Simple phrase/word lists

Heat Wave Ending..

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.. and thank God!

It’s been a week of hot weather, with today capping it off at 36 C (which is 97 F), and the humidity was awful.
I’m really looking forward to the nice cool 20’s.
San Francisco has been under 20 C all week.

Actually, it almost always seems to be 20 C there! domain problems

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I’m not sure how, but tnir’s DNS entry got zapped tonight. According to “host”: is an alias for is an alias for has address

I’ve checked, and I have registered at through Dec 2 2006. The whois entry is still correct, and says, in part:

Domain ID:D14408804-LROR
Domain Name:TNIR.ORG
Created On:02-Dec-1999 06:06:24 UTC
Last Updated On:06-Apr-2006 05:47:48 UTC
Expiration Date:02-Dec-2006 06:06:23 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)
Registrant ID:tumD0AI0A6wVRHMa
Registrant Name:Reid Ellis
Registrant Street1:45 Bournville Drive

I’ve used lowcostdomains’ web interface to reset the DNS back to normal, but I worry that the MX records are gone. :-/ We shall see (hopefully).

Until this all blows over, the old-style domain name can be used for some things. points at what used to be, and mail to should also work.

Unfortunately, I don’t have “wildcard” DNS set up for or (two domains that still point correctly to tnir), so I can’t quickly or easily set up alternate domains for David’s blog or Tech Tok. :-/

G5 RAID problems

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My G5 won’t boot.
When I boot from a Tiger install DVD and run the disk utilities, it claims that one of the RAID disks has “failed”.

Reminder to self – get **3** drives and use RAID 5. Oh wait, the G5 only supports 2 drives. Oh well.

The good news is that I was able to get the G5 to boot in FireWire’s “target mode”, and the volume actually mounted successfully on my PowerBook.

So I am using my PowerBook as my main machine again.
And the loud fan noise is back, again.
I suspect it’s because I am burning DVDs all the time to back up the data on the G5..

A few items of note today..

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RSS feeds for specific shows. Well, really feeds for search strings, which means “house” also gets “bleak house”. Oh well. Btw, Pirate Bay has RSS feeds too.

Apple’s Rails page
Wow, Apple digs Rails. Cool. I hope their tutorial is as useful as Curt Hibbs’ amazing two-part Rails tutorial [part 1] [part 2] or his followup Ajax on Rails. Slashdot comments point to a that compares Rails, Zope (Plone), TurboGears, Django and J2EE. I should post a comment about this Rails demo, which is what got *me* hooked on Rails. There are others on this page of screencasts.

Dell Linux machines
Oooh, finally someone other than Walmart sells Linux desktops. Although apparently they are loathe to admit it!

Testing post-by-email

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I think I’ve managed to set something up where I can post to my blog by email.
This is a test of that.

One thing I should mention about accessing my blog in the morning —
it will be very, very sluggish until 10am.
That’s when My Mac automatically stops running BitTorrent (I have free bandwidth from
2am to 10am every day).

So if you need to access or any other site I host, it’s best to avoid those
2am-10am hours. 🙂

Now to send this and see if it works!