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Iron Man

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I went to see Iron Man on Thursday, the day before the erstwhile opening day.

With me were Andy, Jeff K and Craig.
Overall, it was quite a fun movie, which required the usual comic-book suspension of disbelief.
A quick explanation of why Tony Stark was able to ignore inertia would have been nice.
“Engage inertial dampeners” would have sufficed.

Definitely recommended.
I certainly enjoyed it enough to go see it again on Saturday with Luisa and Ronnie.
(Ronnie had piano practice on Thursday night)

Apple TV Hacking: success!

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I managed to get ssh working at last.
And then I tried to
enable USB storage,
but that was a mistake.
I thought it meant I could plug in a USB drive and the Apple TV would play content off of it.
But no, it meant rebuilding the kernel so that any USB drive plugged in to the Apple TV would have its main disk copied to it.

The idea is that this external, much larger disk will be the new boot volume.
But that’s not what I wanted at all.
So the Apple TV got stuck, so .. I reset to factory settings (that’s a brilliant option, btw).

So, I know I can do it now.
The scripts “out there” are pretty rough and tumble.
I’m thinking I may create a Mac OS X 10.4.9 partition on my Mac Pro, just so that I can copy over all the missing frameworks and libraries so that I can get things like wget to work..

Rogers ‘unlimited’ cellphone plans rake in the dough

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(with apologies to CBC News )

Toronto-based Rogers, Canada’s largest cellphone provider, quietly announced a plan last week that would allow “unlimited” internet browsing on certain cellphones for $7 a month. The company also introduced a “Communicate Suckage” pack for $20 that bundles the browsing with text messaging, voice mail and call display features.

Rogers spokeswoman Elizabeth Hamilton said the prices reflect the changing state of the gullability of cellphone users.

“We’re in the business of financially raping customers for trivial functionality. As subscribers grow, as applications actually do something, we can really rip customers a new one,” she said. “We’re finding new ways of gouging them all the time.”

Both plans allow customers to browse whatever websites they want on their mobile phones, .. except for really good ones, which aren’t approved by Rogers, like Google Maps. The plans also do not apply to anything with a CPU in it, and do not cover e-mail, since Rogers wants to introduce another $20 “E-mail Suckage” plan for that. Rogers really, really hopes that customers don’t read the fine print and try using their cell phone as a modem, so they get raked over the coals with per-kilobyte charges.

Critics said the plans were Rogers’ latest attempt to confuse customers, this time by misrepresenting the word “unlimited.”

“What appears to be a good deal on the surface is actually complete shit,” wrote Marc Lostracco, assistant editor of the Torontoist website. “Customers need to remember that a company calling something ‘unlimited’ is obviously out to get you.”

Hamilton disputed the criticism and said the plans fit the uses that Rogers allows.

“It’s actually an excellent cash cow,” she said.

New Trek Movie pics

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Quinto and Pine
Spock and Kirk

Pictures are starting to show up on the ‘Net of the new Trek crew and the “new” ship.

Plot details have emerged as well, so beware of spoilers online.
I won’t put any here.

I’m really looking forward to this.

click for a *much* larger image

Alias get-together, and music

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cest what
Lisa, me, Bob, Tom and Moira

I went downtown to ¿C’est What? last night to meet up with Maria and several other Alias folk.
Since Alias was swallowed whole by Autodesk a while back, I guess we were all ex-Alians..

While talking about what people are doing, someone mentioned Chris and Anita’s catamaran, which led to finding their web page about their year-long journey:

It would be cool to do an video iChat with Chris and Anita from ¿C’est What? some time..

Then today I ran across a haunting song that I’m sure I’ve heard before and like very, very much:

It’s CC licensed, which is cool, and probably why I’ve heard it before.
I think it was used as the soundtrack to a YouTube video or something similar that I saw.