Our 5-day internet outage

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Well, it looks like
I’m not the only one who lost their internet connection for a few days recently.
Our ISP, istop.com was cut off from the Internet by Bell Canada.
istop then decided to sell their business to someone else!

The long and the short of it is that I am now a customer of igs.net.
The good news is that they have a “no caps” policy, which istop did *not* have.
I will have to review the situation when my one-year contract expires around November sometime.
Hopefully prices will remain good.

istop’s news page had these entries on the whole kerfuffle
(copied here in case the news page goes away):

June 28 2005 – PPPoE login change

Bell has cut off the DSL service used by IStop.com. They chose to do so even though
they received a $300,000 deposit for the service in March 2005. In addition, they have
been paid well in excess of their General Tariff Item 5410 rates. Considering the
situation and the lack of support by the CRTC, IStop.com has made arrangements with
Cybersurf to continue service for our customers. PPPoE logins should be changed to


Your password does not change. Staff at IStop.com and Cybersurf expect to have the new login working by 1900 today. We will issue another update on June 29 to
further assist our customers with this transition and provide more details on the actions of Bell.

June 29 2005 – Cybersurf Agreement

IStop.com has made a preliminary agreement to transfer its customer base
to Cybersurf. Cybersurf will take over the ADSL internet access and
web hosting business of IStop.com. Customers will not have to change
their email address and Cybersurf will continue to operate the IStop.com
domain name and brand.

June 29 2005 – Cybersurf account transfer

In order for ADSL customers to maintain line sync, the
account must be transferred to Cybersurf. A web page to
process an account transfer will be available on June 30.
IStop.com customers with a static IP will not loose their
IP assignment by transferring the account.
UPDATE: Cybersurf is placing orders with Bell Wholesale to maintain line
sync for IStop.com customers; it will not be necessary to transfer
your account to maintain a connection. Bell has apparently expedited the
disonnection of IStop.com customers, so some lines have arleady been
cut off. As Bell processes the orders from Cybersurf these lines will
be reconnected.

June 29 2005 – Cybersurf hotline for IStop.com customers

IStop.com customers needing assistance switching to Cybersurf can
call 1-866-833-4164. IStop.com customers that transfer their account
to Cybersurf will recieve one free month of service. IStop.com will
also refund all customers that have pre-paid for service that has not
been used. IStop.com customers that have paid a deposit for modem rental
can keep the ADSL modem and will no longer be charged a rental fee.

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  1. Gary Machado

    I’m a ISTOP user also. Its a shame that this happened. The transition will be horrible but the cap is gone now. I still have to double check that with CyberSurf. ISTOP was a good company with amazing rates, plus their support staff did an awesome job. My hats off to the guys at ISTOP. Like always, big brother (Bell) always wins. Nice guys finish last. Instead of being a name to ISTOP, I will become a number at Cybersurf.

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